Corporate Social Responsibility


The facilities of our farms and wineries are oriented towards the efficient use of resources to minimize their environmental impact.

The conservation of nature is a fundamental value for us, as we are aware that our activity is based on the resources it provides us with.

On our farms, we prioritize natural cultivation methods whenever possible. For example, in our vineyards, we use our own pruning residues as fertilizer, as well as organic residues from the winery, such as stems and skins. At Familia Martínez Bujanda, we take advantage of the orientation of the building to save energy, we recycle all the waste paper from the offices, among other actions.


An example of this commitment is the distinction given to Finca Antigua with the Award for Best Water Management by the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha. The reason is the use of nanotechnology to optimize the farm’s water resources. Thanks to this system we have achieved savings in irrigation water consumption, improving the quality of our grapes due to the photosynthetic efficiency of the treated water.

ConparteVino Solidario is a special edition that shows the most solidary side of Familia Martínez Bujanda.

With a little play on words (‘con parte’) and with all the heart of the professionals and volunteers of the NGO Coopera, Viña Bujanda has put on the market a great wine with which we intend to put our ‘grain of sand’ to the humanitarian and educational work that Coopera develops in Africa and South America.

This 100% Tempranillo Crianza red wine from Viña Bujanda faithfully reflects the expression of the winery’s best vineyards. A good wine to give as a gift.


Finca Antigua has developed a photovoltaic installation project for self-consumption at its winery in Cuenca.

One of the best options for obtaining electrical energy and a stable supply is the self-consumption photovoltaic installation. An option with excellent results that provides greater independence in obtaining electricity and reducing the environmental impact, compared to other solutions offered by the market.

Specifically, the solar photovoltaic installation planned for Finca Antigua has an output of 120 kWp, with a solar field consisting of 360 Talesun panels and equipped with Huawei inverters. A commitment to renewable energies, which is already implemented in the rest of Familia Martínez Bujanda’s wineries.

This installation will provide more than 20% of the winery’s annual energy needs and will produce more than 178,000 kWh per year. In addition, it will prevent the emission of more than 50 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

All this thanks to the excellence with which all projects at Finca Antigua are undertaken and the quality of the results in works such as the installation of solar panels, or the use of nanotechnology to save water in the winery.


Once again, Finca Antigua takes a decisive step in its firm commitment to sustainability and care for the environment, adopting measures that give this impetus. The Finca Antigua winery is made up of three large steel, stone and concrete boxes around a water reservoir. The vineyard is a magnificent example of integration into the landscape and stands out for its efficiency and sustainability in all its processes.












Sun: photovoltaic solar energy

Bodega xxxxxxxxxx is clearly committed to renewable energies through an extensive system of photovoltaic solar panels. In this
In this sense, it is worth mentioning the bifacial panels on the roof of its parking lot, which more than meet the winery’s energy needs.
during the day. Its efficiency is superior to conventional ones. They incorporate the latest technology applied by means of Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules of
LG; the panels generate energy through direct radiation from the sun, and also through radiation reflected off the ground from the front of the panels.

Mobility: electric vehicle recharging station

This self-consumption photovoltaic parking lot has two double recharging points -universal- for electric cars and places for disabled people. In this way, xxxxxxxx promotes sustainable wine tourism. Taking advantage of the visit to the Bodega, users can charge their cars in approximately one hour. This reaffirms a hallmark of all Bodegas Familiares xxxxxxxxxxxx wineries, a pioneer in the installation of these recharging points, which also add value to the rural areas where they are located.

Water: wastewater treatment plant

The xxxxxxxxxx Esencia project will involve the expansion of the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) through the construction of two biological reactors and an ultrafiltration system. The plant is designed to be versatile in order to adapt to both the harvest period and the rest of the year. The Bodega xxxxxxxxxx WWTP can handle a maximum flow of 60m3/day. The design includes the removal of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. The treated water will be used to irrigate the complex’s 20 hectares of vineyards and gardens.

Domotics: intelligent sustainable wine cellar

The introduction of home automation combined with Bodega xxxxxxxxxx’s state-of-the-art technology is at the service of sustainability to improve efficiency in all areas. With this system, the sectorization of the lighting and the variability of its intensity make it possible to minimize consumption to what is strictly necessary.

Energy: thermal energy hub

Bodega xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has the latest technology in energy efficiency, such as the system known as the Energy Hub.
From Austria, it is able to store the thermal energy generated.

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