Familia Martínez Bujanda’s sustainable viticulture (I)

Natural, biodynamic, organic wines… The commitment of winemakers and consumers to environmental conservation and to offering the healthiest possible product is sometimes taking viticulture and winemaking to the extreme. This is the case of the new and incipient trend of natural wines, in which the producer renounces any type of chemical addition, both in the cultivation and in the elaboration or in the mechanization of the work. Wines even without sulfur (a necessary preservative and absolutely controlled in its dose of use) have found their followers, although, if you have had the opportunity to taste a natural wine, you may find that its taste has little or nothing to do with what was expected a priori. The fundamental issue here is that the consumer who wants these wines must have full confidence in the honesty of the winemaker, since there is no legislation or external control.
Biodynamics has been associated with the world of wine for many years. Many organic producers also follow the rules of the planting calendar of the stars and use vegetable or mineral preparations as additives to the compost for the vineyard, forgoing any artificial fertilizers or pesticides. As with natural wines, biodynamic wines are not exempt from controversy, with defenders and detractors who do not believe in cosmic forces or in homeopathic preparations or in the famous cow horn filled with natural fertilizer, which is buried next to the field. From the most absolute respect to this type of viticulture and enology, we want to show the contradiction of the use of copper in this type of agriculture for the control of certain fungal diseases, since it is a heavy metal that is difficult to fit in their discourse and philosophy of work.
The truth is that organic viticulture is the only one that is strictly regulated by law, although it also authorizes the use of heavy metals such as copper that break the ecological discourse of this practice. Spain, the first country in the world in wine-growing area, is also the first in organic vineyards.
Martínez Bujanda Family
cultivates plots of land in organic farming, without the use of copper, in Finca Antigua (D.O. La Mancha), although especially in the Rueda D.O. (D.O. La Mancha), although especially in the Rueda D.O. (D.O. La Mancha).Montepedroso Farm) and in all Finca Antigua, we could consider a complete organic production – in Rioja, in Valpiedra Estate The climatic conditions, with the continuous exposure to diseases such as powdery mildew, mildew, moth… makes this type of cultivation unadvisable. viticulture without the use of copper which we believe is strongly discouraged due to its heavy metal nature, our commitment is to sustainable viticulture because we believe that, above all, we are committed to making wines of the highest possible quality. and with zero residues of phytosanitary products and heavy metals, both in the wines and in our farms, and we have developed important studies for this purpose. We can certify that our wines and our estates have zero waste and that the biodiversity value of our estates is growing year after year.

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