Familia Martínez Bujanda’s sustainable viticulture (II)

In the previous post, we commented on the different currents that are emerging in the world of wine, tending towards environmental respect and commitment to the land and the vineyards.
But what not many people know is that the organic producer, to be truly organic, must be isolated. That is to say, if you renounce the use of chemical products for soil fertilization or to treat diseases – in this case the regulations do allow the use of copper against mildew – and your neighbor does not do so, it is most likely that the vaporized use of chemical agents from his farm will also reach yours and therefore it will be necessary to establish a security perimeter.
Martínez Bujanda Family has the advantage that our cellars are surrounded exclusively by our own vineyards: 421 hectares in Finca Antigua (La Mancha) 25 hectares in Finca Montepedroso (Rueda) and 80 hectares in Finca Valpiedra (Rioja). In other words, it is we and our vineyards who decide what we do, thinking about making wines with the maximum possible expression and, of course, taking the utmost care of our great heritage: our vineyard.
sustainable viticulture
has, among other objectives, one in common with the previous trends (natural, biodynamic or organic wines): to minimize the use of agrochemicals, reduce waste to zero and optimize production methods. That is the commitment of Familia Martínez Bujanda in each and every one of its estates. Thus, at Finca Valpiedra we have the support of an important German company to certify that our wines have zero agrochemical residues. Finca Valpiedra is a large reserve of flora and fauna and we periodically measure the biodiversity of the farm so that we can certify how it is increasing since we practice sustainable agriculture. At Finca Antigua, one of the most important private flora and fauna reserves in Spain, we have many of our wines certified organic and among other measures we have a 40,000 cubic meter water reservoir that collects rainwater and we close the cycle of winery and field by-products. Finally, Finca Montepedroso is dug into the ground so that the temperature regulation is absolutely natural, which means a great energy saving considering that we only produce one white wine.
The vineyard is our great heritage. Familia Martínez Bujanda, with a trajectory of 125 years, is perfectly aware that our legacy is our great vineyards and this has been transmitted from generation to generation. What we ask from our soils, from our vines, we try to give back to them because, no one as much as we do, we want them to live in the best conditions for as many years as possible. We will leave and the vineyard will still be there.
One example is our great wine Clavis, a unique wine from the Pico Garbanzo plot (Finca Antigua) which in just four hectares brings together eight different varieties. There will be Clavis as long as the plot lasts, as long as the vineyard has life, because replanting would not be the same. Of course, we will try to make it last as many years as possible and that is the main reason for our sustainable viticulture.

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