Finca Antigua: a more sustainable vineyard thanks to nanotechnology

Family wineries like ours are attached to the land from which they extract their fruit with an intense and deep bond. That is why we are the first to attach importance to environmental care and sustainability. The modern society in which we live generates an impact on the environment that we must all strive to limit. But the same technological society in which we are immersed also has resources and tools that, when correctly applied, help to improve environmental care.
We have always been interested in the application of new technologies to winegrowing, that is why at
Finca Antigua
we decided to implement a nanotechnological system to optimize the estate’s water resources. And the results are clear to see: we have reduced water consumption for irrigation by 50 percent.
Finca Antigua, located in the Cuenca municipality of Los Hinojosos, has 421 hectares of vineyards and practically all of the land is irrigated, except for a few dry land plots. The fact is that rainfall in the area was around 400 mm on average, but it gradually decreased to levels below 300 liters, almost 25% less.
That’s why we decided in 2015 to test the ASAR technology provided by
a system that acts physically on water by emitting a quantum that interacts with hydrogen bridges. This reduces the size of the molecule clusters, which increases the penetration capacity of the water in the soil and increases its dissolution capacity. Basically, we get less dense water, which is more easily absorbed and used by the plant, and dissolves nutrients better in the soil.
Initially, we installed grafted equipment in six dripper branches of a plot in order to analyze their performance. When its effectiveness became apparent, we decided to use this technology throughout the farm, and the results could not be more positive. With this measure we have managed not only to avoid wasting water, but also to improve the quality of our grapes, thanks to the photosynthetic efficiency achieved with this nanotechnology-treated water.
The more than 40 plots that make up Finca Antigua, all of them planted on trellises and differentiated according to variety and altitude, have this nanotechnological system that has allowed us to achieve a 50 percent saving in water consumption. Today, eighteen different varieties are grown, including Viura, Garnacha, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Moscatel, Syrah, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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