The magnum, the best version of your favorite wine for gatherings

When we have a special occasion such as a large dinner or a gathering of friends with more than five guests, choosing a magnum bottle may be our best option.
As we know, the magnum has twice the volume of a normal bottle, making it the ideal format for groups of five or six people. This way, we can serve more than one glass per person and see how the wine changes its nuances once opened.
In addition, this bottle format has several advantages:
Wine keeps better. The larger volume makes the wine less susceptible to temperature changes. Also, once opened, they oxidize more slowly than those stored in standard bottles, since the opening of the mouth is the same but the volume of wine is greater, so the proportion of air entering the bottle for the amount of wine is lower.
-Thewine retains more nuances. The taste of wine bottled in magnum bottles can be more complex, since the larger volume also contains more of the particles responsible for giving flavor and odor to the wine.
Quality wine. Most wineries choose to use this format for the highest quality wines, so they are safe bets.
-Theperfect gift. Wineries usually take great care in the presentation of these bottles, which are usually presented in attractive cases or boxes that make these wines a very attractive gift.
From Familia Martínez Bujanda we propose several alternatives, such as Viña Bujanda Crianza Magnum, a Tempranillo with aromas of black and spicy fruits, elegant and fresh. Also Finca Valpiedra Reserva Magnum, a Reserva for ageing and a new way of understanding Rioja wines. Finca Montepedroso Verdejo Magnum, a fresh and intense wine, try it in this format and enjoy its notes of peach, apricot and fennel. Finally, the Clavis Magnum-, its great expressiveness combines aromas of clove, pepper and toast with balsamic touches that give it freshness.
Now you know, consider the alternative of a magnum and you will surely repeat.

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