Finca Montepedroso 2014: with very high aims

The 2013 vintage was atypical in practically all of Spain and even all of Europe. It took us back three decades in the dates of the grape harvest -in Rioja, for example, we saw people still harvesting on the All Saints’ Day holiday in November-, with a slow ripening marked by a very cool and late summer.
In Rueda we also had a notably delayed harvest. The selective harvesting of our own vineyards and, above all, the decision of when to pick was key to guaranteeing quality in one of the most complicated harvests of recent decades. The quality of our
Montepedroso Estate
2013, we can assure you, was excellent.
On September 5, the harvest began at Finca Montepedroso. The harvest points towards high, very high, according to our technical team, with a better balance in the grapes, similar to the 2010 or even 2012, with which Finca Montepedroso achieved important awards such as the gold medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2014 -an exclusive competition for the best British professionals- or the bronze at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2014

Martínez Bujanda Family
has been making wine in Rueda since 2010. Our 25 hectares of Verdejo grapes are harvested at night because the temperature at which the grapes enter the winery is essential for them to be whole and in perfect condition.
The grapes are transferred to the tanks, where they ferment by gravity and rest on their lees for about five months, with weekly stirring, a slight aging process that produces that intense and forceful mouthfeel that differentiates Finca Montepedroso from most conventional Ruedas from the very first moment.
Lauren Rosilloour technical director, is an experienced white winemaker, with experience in South Africa and New Zealand, and is convinced that Finca Montepedroso 2014 aims very high, with healthy fruit and a controlled yield (no more than 7,000 kilos per hectare) as we managed to finish before the widespread rains.

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