8 wines to celebrate love

It is clear that what we feel for wine is love, but today we do not want to tell you how much we love this drink, but the affection we have for other people. It doesn’t matter if it is towards our parents, children, siblings… or if it is love towards our partner. Wine is linked to this feeling and, in addition, it helps us to socialize.

It uninhibits us, frees us from our fears and allows us to get closer to that person who makes us a little more nervous. It removes our masks and shows our most sincere side. Besides cheering us up and making us forget, even if only for a short time, our worries.

No wine tastes better than the one shared with our loved ones. For this reason, we have made a selection of which wines to choose depending on who we have next to us. Obviously these are generalities, since we are not all the same, nor do we all have the same tastes, so it is not intended to be an indisputable truth, but to serve as a practical guide, to serve as a reference and starting point. Although there is no one like you to meet the person with whom you want to share those special memories, around a glass of wine.

We are among those who believe that love is shown every day of the year. Even so, we remind you that, during Valentine’s Day, you can enjoy a special visit to our farms. So take the opportunity and come and see us, we will be delighted to welcome you.

For our partner

Let’s go easy, it doesn’t matter if you are one of those who don’t ask for dessert, but a spoon apart, or if you are one of those who think that food is just an excuse to get to the sweets. If we are looking for a wine that combines with the most caramelized moments of love, the best choice is undoubtedly Finca Antigua Moscatel.

A wine naturally sun-dried in raisins, i.e. the grapes are left in the sun to dehydrate and increase their sweetness. Finca Antigua Moscatel will be perfect with fruit dishes, as a dessert on its own and without ruling out enjoying it to the fullest with foie gras, blue cheeses or simply some nuts.

For our mother

Finca Valpiedra Reserva Blanco. Because yes, because a mother’s love is priceless, nor does it skimp on attention, because she deserves it all, period. For her such a special elaboration that has its origin in a plot of centenary white grapes, in an estate of red grapes.

This marvel is made from Viura, Garnacha Blanca, Malvasia and Maturana Blanca grapes.thanks to its splendid structure and large volume, allows us to enjoy it with a wide variety of recipes, from grilled fish, such as turbot, to intensely flavored white meats such as small game, without overlooking all kinds of rice dishes, or baked dishes, such as turkey or suckling pig.

For our father

We warned at the beginning of this article that we would resort to the usual clichés, this is a classic rioja for a father, and there is nothing more distinguished than a Viña Bujanda Gran Reserva. A wine that, like our progenitor, is an example of patience and of improving with time until it reaches its excellent maturity. Its best pairing is slow conversation and reminiscing together about past times, but if we get hungry, it goes great with red meats and big game dishes.

For our friends

Friendship is generosity and we can think of no more generous act than to share our solidarity wines and thus contribute to their noble cause. While you enjoy them with your friends, we make a donation to the NGO Coopera and its solidarity projects.

Finca Antigua Viura Solidario, Conparte Vino Solidario and Infinitus Chardonnay and Viura Solidario are wines with an easy and pleasant palate that invite you to chat and have another glass.

For our brothers

We’ve known them all our lives, we think we know everything about them, but they are sure to surprise us from time to time. That is why we have chosen a wine that will catch your attention if you try it. If you think that all Rueda wines are the same, you have to taste Montepedroso Enoteca. A limited edition of a great wine for cellaring. A return to the authentic Verdejo, without ambiguity. Unctuous, long and with great volume and structure.

At the table, it will delight with grilled and baked fish, rice dishes, as well as with pasta au gratin and grilled white meats.

For our grandparents

We could not finish this selection without reflecting the unconditional love for our grandparents. In Familia Martínez Bujanda we could not have a clearer choice, because it was precisely the grandmother of Carlos and Pilar Martínez Bujanda to whom the following wine pays homage: Petra de Valpiedra.

Grandmother Petra not only took care of them, but also instilled in them values that have undoubtedly contributed to this saga of winemakers celebrating 135 years of history.

A wine from centenary garnachas that shows how Rioja wines used to be and in which the aromas of red fruit and blackcurrant stand out, intertwined with vanilla and light notes of toffee. At first, we can think of pairing it with a good marmitako or with meats such as pheasant, but the best recommendation is to sit next to your grandparents and listen to them, just like our wines, they have a lot to tell.

Let’s toast to love!


For all those who, despite our recommendations, still have doubts about what wine or wines to give as a gift, in Familia Martínez Bujanda we have made it very easy for you, with a selection of lots for all tastes. Take advantage of them before they are sold out.

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