The best options to pair with your Christmas meals

Choosing the best menu for Christmas celebrations is not an easy task. In some homes it never varies and becomes as traditional as nougat or Christmas carols. In others, the host changes and with him, the dishes to be served and with which to honor our guests. In any case, which wine to choose sometimes becomes a difficult decision, and it can make our lunch or dinner a great one.

To help you choose the best combination with your dishes, we have selected some of the most typical Christmas dishes together with their corresponding wine.

Each taste is personal and depends on each person, we do not pretend to offer you a single truth, but a starting point from which to experiment. In fact, all these recipes could be served with either a white wine or a red wine. Much will depend on its preparation, sauce and garnishes, but as we do not want to be locked in the kitchen and to unify criteria all these dishes will be baked in the oven.

Hake: The more we season, or accompany the fish with shrimps and clams, the more we need a wine with more depth to withstand the challenge. Our recommendation is Montepedroso Enoteca . Its great structure and volume will be perfect for this dish and its acidity will provide the necessary freshness.

Sea bream: As in the case of hake, it will depend on the sauce and its garnish. In this case we are going to leave the whites aside, to surprise with a red wine: Clavis an emblematic wine of Finca Antigua. Its mix of varieties in its plot, Pico Garbanzo, makes it unique, as some of them are not even catalogued. It would also be perfect with fatty meats such as lamb or suckling pig, but we have selected it for its great breadth in the mouth. A round wine, without edges, with a polished, fine and elegant tannin, whose aromas of undergrowth, with balsamic and citrus touches enhance the flavor of the fish.

Poulard: Here, in addition to the poultry meat, the stuffing plays a role. The most typical one has dried apricots, raisins, pine nuts, Serrano ham, reinette apples, shallots… So a magnificent accompaniment is Petra de Valpiedra . A Grenache with fruity aromas of blackcurrant, along with light touches of toffee and vanilla that make it a perfect choice.

Lamb: For a roast lamb we need a wine that cleans our mouth with every sip and with enough acidity to palliate the fatty sensation of the lamb. Finca Valpiedra Reserva will more than deliver thanks to its fine tannic structure and the freshness provided by the graciano grape, as well as its long and pleasant aftertaste.

Suckling pig: We are going to vary fromthe usual and show you the great possibilities offered by some wines whose versatility at the table goes far beyond the usual white with fish and red with meat. For this roast suckling pig, we are going to opt for a Finca Valpiedra Reserva Blanco . Its complex and elegant nose offers clear aromas of white stone fruit, peach and apricot that combine wonderfully with this dish. On the palate, its excellent smoothness and volume, together with its sapid finish, will help to cleanse the palate and make you want to keep drinking.

What about the post? Serve a glass of Finca Antigua Moscatel, and you will not leave anyone indifferent.

We hope you liked our recommendations. Although the best possible combination for a dish or a wine is to be able to enjoy them with our loved ones.

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